Protect Folder 2.1 License


License to unlock Protect Folder 2.1 features.


Protect folder was updated to version 2.1. Were made some modifications in source code to fix some errors in licensing. The multi-language option was removed and some other minor details were changed as well. Download now Protect Folder 2.1 bellow!

The second release of Protect Folder it’s here!
Now protect folder is more advanced and you can use it to securely lock your folders!
Protect Folder 2.0 Will lock your folder with or without password to avoid curious eyes and also malware or virus who may deleted sensitive contents.

Protect Folder integrates into the folders context menu in order to quickly help you locking/protect and unlocking/unprotect folders!
You can also change the name displayed at folders context menu and respective icon.
Protect folder was highly tested, however, we encourage you to make some tests in sample folders to know how to use this software, before start protecting sensitive folders.


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