TeamViewer Popup Killer 2.2

The new improved version of TeamViewer Popup Killer is here!

If you already tried our TeamViewer Popup Killer to close those annoying “Sponsored session” popups from TeamViewer remote software, you know what this little software is capable of doing!

For those who are here for the first time, in short, TeamViewer Popup Killer is a little non intrusive software that will close all the “Sponsored session” window left behind by TeamViewer when you terminate a connection.

What’s new?
In this new version it’s now possible to close the “File Transfer Session” popup automatically (still in experimental phase), as suggested in the comments by the user Steve Harris.

The text showing how much time you saved with this program, now is shown in a more neat way.

A new preset was added in German language (Thank you Nadine Bohr) that will allow to work with the German version of TeamViewer. (Don’t forget that this can be used in any language of TeamViewer, you just need to activate and set up the custom title options in settings.)

TeamViewer Popup Killer Options Screen

Some other corrections were made internally to fix some issues, if you want to know details, check the change log included in the “About” tab of TeamViewer Popup Killer.

This program is free to use, however, if you use and like this, please consider doing a small donation to give your support and encourage me to keep giving you free software. If all people who use this application could at least donate just 1 dollar/euro/pound/etc this would help keeping up with the costs to maintain this website. Think about it 😉

For each donation over 5 dollars you can ask for a new feature!!

If you found a bug, or just to say thank you, please leave your comment bellow.

Download TeamViewer Popup Killer

If the above version do not work on Windows XP, download the version bellow instead:

Download TeamViewer Popup Killer (XP Version)

31 thoughts on “TeamViewer Popup Killer 2.2

  1. Blair

    Hi, TeamViewer Popup Killer 2.2 works well on my Windows 10 64 computer. However, it won’t run on my Windows XP 32 bit computer. I get this error “is not a valid Win 32 application.”

    please help.

  2. Blair

    Thanks for your prompt reply. .NET Framework 4 was already installed, but I used the link you sent to “repair” it. After running the repair and rebooting, no change. Still get same error message.

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      Thanks for your feedback. Can you please provide a screenshot showing the error?

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      I am not sure which popup you are talking about… I know there is a popup that you can easily click on “never show again” option, but I am not sure if this the one you are talking about. Can you provide a screenshot, or point me to a Google image with this popup?

  3. Submortal

    Gromicho, The newest teamviewer is now popping up a webpage sometimes when you kill the connection. Do you have plans for this yet?

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      Can you please provide a screenshot and let me know the version of your TeamViewer and version of you Operating System?

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      You can rest assured that there is no virus, trojans or adware on any of Gromicho AF Systems software. This is ONLY a false positive. You can go to and check that only two engines are detecting this file as a virus. However this is NOT a virus. Some antivirus are mistaken by the way this software works which is similar to some virus, do your research! We sent our files to this AV companies so they can inspect it and remove it from their detecting lists, as this is considered a false positive. For peace of your mind, YOU can always submit any file to any antivirus company using their website, so they can check it for virus in about 48 hours or less and let you know what they found.
      I hope this leaves you more relaxed about this.

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      It needs to be running on any computer you don’t want any window left behind. The best idea is to keep it running you your “access” computer and your “server” (the computer you are connecting to).
      However you can just keep it running on the “server” computers and then you close the windows on your machine mannually.

  4. Q

    Hi Gromicho. TeamViewer Popup Killer 2.2 doesn’t work for both Teamviewer version 10 and 13 on my Windows 64 PC. The “Sponsored Session” pop up window was not closed automatically and remained open as an active window. At first I thought it was because the frequency between popup searches was not fast enough (which was already set to every 1 second by default) so I changed it to ‘fastest possible’. However the same problem persists…

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      Hi, Thanks for your feedback, I didn’t test TV Popup Killer with version 13 of TeamViewer yet, they might have change something. However, have you tried to run TV Popup Killer as administrator?
      Try to lower/increase the popup search up to 5 seconds, then wait 10 seconds (minimum) and see if the popup is gone. Then let me know the results please. The “fastest possible” is not always the best option, depends on the computer and the software running at the moment.

  5. Paul

    Hi. downloaded / installed / running. BUT TV STILL keeps giving me the popup window along with another (always did this before downloading Popup Killer) Saying:
    An error has occurred on this page
    Line 0
    Char 0
    Error Script error
    Code 0
    URL: https://

    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

    Did I install wrong/ put it in wrong folder,? any thoughts please?

    Running Windows 10 pro

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      There is no wrong folder for TeamViewer Popup Killer, so it should be fine. Have you tried to execute TeamViewer Popup Killer as administrator?

  6. Paul

    Today..(the next day) it is actually working fine.. But as per your advise I have also “Run as administrator”

  7. Gabriel

    It doesn’t work on version 13. Tried all methods mentioned. Please consider updating it. Thanks.

  8. klepp0906

    can we please get a “hide icon” option? Id prefer not to have to have this sitting in the tray in order to close the pop ups. If i could hide it and just set it to start with windows it would be a big win . Im sure many feel the same way.

    Thank you for your time in developing this btw. That pop up is the WORST!

    it does work on win10x64 with the newest teamviewer (13) btw.

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      Thanks for your comment and feedback. I will add the “hide icon” option on next release.

  9. Virgil

    Hi, 8 times out of 10 the popup killer seems miss the close button and random click on the desktop. This may cause the opening of folders or weird behaviour of programs, this while the Teamviewer popup remains open.

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      Hi, apologies for the late reply. Did you increase the time to search for the popup to close on settings?
      Try to put a longer time like 2 ou 3 seconds to see if this still happens.

  10. Joe

    Can TV be launched in minimized version on windows startup? When I reboot my media server it comes up and requires to be minimized which defeats the purpose of it in the first place

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      If you are asking about TV itself, just look at its settings. If you are asking about TV Popup Killer, it should always start minimized. Make sure you have the “minimize to system tray” option checked on TV Popup Killer.

  11. Peter

    I’m just trying this program for the first time. Closed the annoying “Sponsored session” dialog fine but now there is a new annoying popup behind this one: “Protect your devices with our anti-virus solution”. I could send you a screenshot but there seems to be no way of attaching anything to a comment.

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      You can use the “Contact” option on the website, then I will reply to you and you can reply back with the screenshot.

  12. Peter

    Unchecking the “Save settings to a file” in Options doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10, even when the program is disabled (Options > Disable). It keeps recreating the settings.dll file on the Desktop (which is the wrong location for this file in any case).

    • Gromicho AF Systems

      The program creates the settings.dll file next to the program (.exe) itself. You can put the program in any other folder, like the Program Files folder, then create a shortcut on the desktop to the program.
      Did you run the program as administrator? The program needs admin previleges to save the settings to Windows registry, if it can’t access the registry it will keep saving the settings to the setting.dll file, giving you the idea that it’s not working.