How to protect me against Bad Rabbit ransomware?

This is meant to be a very quick guide on how to protect yourself against Bad Rabbit ransomware . If you want to know more about this or any other ransomware, Google is your friend.

You can just skip this boring manual process and use Xtra Protect that will do this for you automatically.

In the unlikely event of a failed attempt from Xtra Protect to protect your computer, please keep reading to protect your computer manually.

To protect your computer from Bad Rabbit do the following:

1 – Open Notepad

2 – Copy the following text to Notepad:

echo "" > c:\windows\cscc.dat
echo "" > c:\windows\infpub.dat
icacls "c:\windows\cscc.dat" /inheritance:r
icacls "c:\windows\infpub.dat" /inheritance:r

3 – Save the file with the name “KillRabit.bat”, CHANGE the option “Save as type” to “All Files (*.*)” before clicking the “Save” button.

4 – Finally, right-click on the file “KillRabit.bat” and select “Run as administrator”, say “YES” to the prompt and it’s done!

You might see a black box/window for a second when you open the file, that is normal.