Software updates coming! Ask for features!

Now that GromasTech is officially launched, there is some cleaning up to to. Or shall I say rebranding?

On the following days every software available on will receive an update.

This updates will get the software updaters and links to point to rather then Gromicho AF systems old website.

Also, every software from GromasTech will receive new features. Some features requested by users on the comments, and other that have been planned for a while.

This is your chance to ask for a feature or option!

Leave a comment as ask what you want, just don’t be to crazy 🙂

Share with your friends so they can ask for features too!

I cannot guarantee that every request will be implemented, however, every single one will be considered!

Again, use the comments section to ask for a feature and don’t forget to share with your family and friends!