TeamViewer Popup Killer v2.0

[UPDATED – Check Changelog bellow]

The new version of TeamViewer Popup Killer is here! With new and improved features!

If you already tried our TeamViewer Popup Killer to close those annoying “Sponsored session” popups from TeamViewer remote software, you will love this new improved version!

What’s new?
Well, with this new version it’s now possible to close the “sponsored session” popup windows automatically, but also, close the “timed out” and “commercial use suspected” popups, all automatically.

It’s now possible for this program to start automatically with Windows login, so you don’t need Quick Run Adder program for it.

You can now choose the frequency that Team Viewer Popup Killer will look for the popups and close them.

You can choose which popups to close, sponsored, time out or commercial use popups.

You now have full control over the program, you can start or stop it anytime without the need of closing it.

You now also have statistics that will show you how many popups were closed and the time you saved.

This now will work with every language that TeamViewer supports, you just need to type the popup’s titles, or use the preset titles, available for Portuguese, Italian and French languages, thanks to our readers.

What are the “suspected commercial use” popups?

This popups show up when you connect too many times in a row to a computer, like the IT support does in a company. TeamViewer detects this repeated connections and reminds you that the free version is not to be used by companies. If you have some computers at home and you connect to them very often, you might see this message. Some users never saw it or heard about it in their lives.

This new software was completely rebuilt from scratch, included new features and optimizing its functions. It now has a new updating engine that will let you know when there are updates available with improvements and/or new features.

This program is free to use, however, if you use and like this, please consider doing a small donation to give your support and encourage me to keep giving you free software. If all people who use this application could at least donate just 1 dollar/euro/pound/etc this would help keeping up with the costs to maintain this website. Think about it 😉

If there’s any feature you would like to see implemented, if you found a bug, or just to say thank you, please leave your comment bellow.

This as been updated for version 2.1 now! Please check the change log bellow to see what’s new!

Download TeamViewer Popup Killer

If the above version do not work on Windows XP, download the version bellow instead:

Download TeamViewer Popup Killer (XP Version)


22 thoughts on “TeamViewer Popup Killer v2.0

    • Gromicho AF Systems Post author Reply

      I’m sorry to hear that. Can you please give more details? You can send a screenshot if you prefer.

      • Dayum Reply

        Actually it did not crash. Just not run when I opened it.
        But it works now. I moved TeamViewer Popup Killer to another drive, and it runs 🙂
        Not sure if low drive free space of is the issue. The drive that cannot run it has 1-2GB left.

        • Gromicho AF Systems Post author Reply

          Oh nice, I’m glad it works now. I’ve never tried on a drive with low space, but that might be the issue. You can try to run it as administrator to check if the problem persists.

  1. Steve Harris Reply

    Please can you include an option to close the “File Transfer Session” popup that displays near the bottom right of the screen. It needs manual closing and that is difficult if nobody is at the remote side.
    It’s a “new” feature in version 12!!

  2. Dave Reply

    Windows 7 x64.. It looks like it can find the window, but throws an access exception when attempting to gain focus, etc…

    • Gromicho AF Systems Post author Reply

      Try to run it as administrator to see if that happens. That might also be just an occasional error, or you might have your antivirus or firewall blocking TeamViewer Popup Killer.

      • Dave Reply

        Unfortunately running it as admin produces the same problem. I will do some further testing, as I have a separate Win7 x64 environment that it does not fail on.

  3. David Reply

    Are any files installed or modified when the .exe is first run ?

    • Gromicho AF Systems Post author Reply

      There is no files installed. The only change to your computer is to the Windows registry. It creates a place on the registry to store the program settings.
      If you wish you can select the option to save settings to a file. If you do that a settings.dll file will appear next to the .exe and your registry will be as clean as it was before you execute the .exe.

  4. Tam Reply

    Every routine virus scan on two computers quarantines the program, it’s a concern:
    Category: Trojan
    Description: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.
    Recommended action: Remove this software immediately.
    file:C:UsersMC-HPtab1DesktopTeamViewer Popup Killer v2.1.exe – Shortcut.lnk
    file:C:UsersMC-HPtab1DownloadsTeamViewer Popup BlockerTeamViewer Popup Killer v2.1.exe
    runkey:HKCU@S-1-5-21-2326020403-2518085889-340643645-1001SOFTWAREMICROSOFTWINDOWSCURRENTVERSIONRUN\TeamViewer Popup Killer
    regkey:HKCU@S-1-5-21-2326020403-2518085889-340643645-1001SOFTWAREMICROSOFTWINDOWSCURRENTVERSIONRUN\TeamViewer Popup Killer

    • Gromicho AF Systems Reply

      This is free from Virus. What antivirus are you using? Please let me know so I can look into this.

      • Tam Reply

        Thanks for responding!!! Windows Defender for sure on one computer. I need to look if it’s the same on the others. The detected item says: Trojan:Win32/Rundas.B, Alert Level Severe. It quarantines all the info above and of course won’t work either!

  5. Sven Harvey Reply

    It’s detected as rundas.b VIRUs. In windows Defender and SYMANTEC !! Even version 2.2 !!


    • Gromicho AF Systems Reply

      You can rest assured that there is no virus, trojans or adware on any of Gromicho AF Systems software. This is ONLY a false positive. You can go to and check that only two engines are detecting this file as a virus. However this is NOT a virus. Some antivirus are mistaken by the way this software works which is similar to some virus, do your research! We sent our files to this AV companies so they can inspect it and remove it from their detecting lists, as this is considered a false positive. For peace of your mind, YOU can always submit any file to any antivirus company using their website, so they can check it for virus in about 48 hours or less and let you know what they found.
      I hope this leaves you more relaxed about this.

    • Hatem Reply

      This was not reported as a virus by Symantec but was reported as following:
      “There is strong evidence that this file is untrustworthy.”
      “This file has been seen by fewer than 100 Symantec users.”

      Which only means that Symantec hasn’t yet trusted this software but there is no evidence for a harmful peace of code.

      @developers: works fine, excluded from overprotective Symantec, Thanks ^^

      • Gromicho AF Systems Reply

        Thank you for your feedback Hatem! 😉
        Symantec automatic system detects this as “untrustworthy” just because it has no evidence to prove this is safe and to cover themselves against any user claims.

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